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Vacations are meant to be a luxurious escape from everyday reality. So if planning a break, vacation right with Blue Light Resort’s premiere mountain lodges.

Convenience Without the Crowds

There is one sure fire way to ruin a good vacation:

Overbearing crowds.

So why not skip the crowded ski resorts and instead lounge in a private lodge? Each lodge is located conveniently close to Sundance Resort and Spa, while still maintaining much sought after privacy. No need to worry about fighting hordes of people or being kept up by the noise of others; instead, find total relaxation with blissful quiet. The escape from the crowds makes the perfect environment to host intimate social gatherings or family vacations.

Fun at the Doorstep

For those that are looking for a more relaxed, casual getaway, Blue Light Resort lodges offer days of fun without having to go far. Our grounds are full of family fun and leisure activities to make our lodges the best Utah vacation rentals.

Spend a few hours in the hot tub and unwind surrounded by the sounds of nature. The hot tub is the perfect place to start or end the day, no matter the time of year. The best part is the complete privacy afforded, no sitting uncomfortably close to a stranger while trying to unwind.

For the more sporty and upbeat, Chalet offers a large grassy area for all kinds of entertainment. There is also a sport court with basketball provided. Get your heart rate up as you spend time perfecting that free throw without the pressure of onlookers at the gym. It is the perfect place for a pickup game or morning work out.

When the sun starts setting and it is time for a cool down before turning in for the night, there is a large gas fireplace. Gather everyone around the fire for a night of bonding and memory making. And because no campfire is complete without s’mores, we provide metal camping sticks to roast the perfect mallow.

Roasted Marshmallows

We're Here to Help

Checking in to a rental can be a stressful ordeal, especially in the winter. In order to give our guests the best vacation rental experience, Blue Light Resort offers a complimentary concierge to help lodgers check in quickly and hassle-free. The concierge can also help with babysitting, grocery shopping, and airport transportation services. Leave all the worry behind at our top Utah vacation rental cabins.

To learn more about Blue Light Resort’s cabins or check availability dates, go here.