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Luxury Utah Cabin Rentals in Sundance

When we “get away” many of us want to feel like we’ve found a secluded place all our own, but we don’t want to be far from modern conveniences either. Vacation rentals in Utah offer the perfect compromise.

You’ll find a great number of cabins for rent, but you’ll find that no cabins in Utah offer the amenities, sense of seclusion, or convenient proximity of the city like the lodges at Blue Light Resort do.

We’ll tell you all about how our pristine, secluded location, amazing facilities, and world-class service will contribute to your dream get-away, in a way that no other Utah cabin rental could.

A Location You’ll Love

When you rent one of our cabins in Utah, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the year-round beauty of the Utah mountains, feeling like the only people in the world.

At the same time, you’ll find that meticulously-constructed and faithfully-maintained roads put the resources of several nearby cities within a few minutes’ drive of your mountain escape.

Facilities You Won’t Forget

Whether you choose to stay in Eagle’s Nest or Chalet, we know you’ll love what we’ve done with the place. With decor that hints at, and complements, the surrounding mountains, you’ll feel like you’ve taken a step away from the world.

With the amenities offered at either location though, you’ll feel like you’ve taken a step up in the world. Whether you choose to spend most of your time outside or in, our location and lodges deliver an unrivalled level of ambience, comfort, and adventure.

Service You Won’t Believe

Just because you have convenient access to nearby towns doesn’t mean that you’ll necessary feel the need to take advantage of that. We understand if you need a jaunt to town for a change of pace, but for anything else, we hope you’ll let us accommodate you.

Your personal concierge will meet you at your new mountain retreat upon your arrival. They can arrange for the delivery of groceries, arrange activities and reservations, and answer any questions you may have about the area, the resort, or your lodge’s unique and extensive amenities.

Your First Step

So, if a mountain paradise sounds like the type of thing that might appeal to you, we encourage you to start the process of arranging your get-away. Contact us via email or phone, and let us start whisking you away today!